I did!!

After so many years of loosing myself to someone I thought I was giving myself to. I lost contact with my soul desires to become who I was meant to be. I suffered through an abusive relationship, loosing all of me, my self worth, my looks, my health, everything. Just to try and be someone I wasn't. For someone who didn't appreciate Me. Nor did they love me for me because I wasn't up to their standards. 

That is one of the most damaging and abusive feelings to live with day in and day out. No one deserves to feel so useless. We are all meant to become better than we were yesterday. We were all meant to be loved and held to no one's standards. 

It might have taken me a while...but!! I found myself. My strength, my beauty and my passion.

Lingerie was a big hit for me!! It brought out the women in me!! 

It empowers me and keeps me young!!

Makes me feel more seductive and alive!! 

There are pieces that make me love my body even more. Now, everyone deserves to feel like that! I don't care what size you are or who tells you "you can't",  "your not worth it" or "you could never be capable of being happy or sexy"!! 

We are all capable of being who we want to be and I want to be SEXY!!

I want to help other women feel SEXY! 

So, I bring to you Charity's Corner. I encourage women to find their SEXY, try new things, new styles. Be the inner goddess you feel you can be!!